Muscle Milk gives to Grambling athletes


The Grambling State University’s football team received national attention for their strike against hazardous working conditions and inadequate supplements. 

CytoSport heard the G-Men cries and are sending 384 cases of Muscle Milk to the athletic department.

Muscle Milk is a supplement used to help athletes go stronger, faster, further and recover. 

CytoSport, the company responsible for the production of Muscle Milk, recognized that some players referenced this product in their list of complaints and were dissatisfied that they were forced to purchase it on their own. 

In a letter to the Grambling administration, the players said “there are certain factors that are hindering us from reaching our goals.”  

The Tigers cited not receiving Muscle Milk, Gatorade and other supplements to replenish  their body after practice and workouts. 

“We thought this issue was bigger than football,” said Chris Kildon, the vice president of sports marketing for Muscle Milk. “This is a human nature story.”

Kildon reached out to the athletic director Aaron James, and the company donated 4608 containers that priced at $5300, the discounted direct sales prices for sports teams.

James noted the donation would be used to help other struggling sports as well.

“It’s for all our athletics,” said James. “They will be able to use it as soon as it arrives.” 

The department has “received a lot of requests” from other companies wanting to assist the department. 

He said some have offered to sterilize all the locker rooms and give weight equipment.