Biopic about TLC hits VH1 ratings record


From the music in the 1980s and early 1990s, TLC comes to mind. No, we don’t think of the word Tender Loving Care or even the network The Learning Channel better known as TLC. 

We quite often think of three women who dominated the television and radio airwaves with their rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and pop repertoire that were crazy, sexy, and cool. 

The group has been in the music game 20 years. Their gender bending attire, in your face and express lyrics were not showcased by women artist in the early 90s

TLC has been deemed the greatest female group of all time. The group decided to celebrate 20 years of great music this week by showcasing a biopic of their legacy on VH1 titled, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. 

TLC was comprised of Tionne “T-boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and one member who would later be replaced by Rozonda “Chili” Thomas. 

They were managed by Pebbles, the wife of music industry mogul L.A. Reid. The Atlanta group signed to Laface Records, an umbrella label of Arista records. 

The biopic shows the ups and downs both on and off the stage, from break-ups, near bankruptcy, changing of managers and gaining of new life. We also learn that most of their chart-topping songs were written exactly at the time that troubles arose. “Creep” was written in references to Chili’s involvement with the father or her sons, producer Dallas Austin and his unfaithful ways.

 “Unpretty” was written when T-boz fell stricken with Sickle-Cell and her skin began to discolor and she felt unpretty. Their last studio album, Fan-mail was recorded before Left Eye’s passing. 

The album was dedicated for the fan mail the group received from all over the world from young women. 

The group has sold over 60 million albums world-wide and released a new album titled 20 to commerate 20 years in the music industry. Veteran actress Keke Palmer played the rolls of “Chili,” Drew Sidora as “T-Boz,” and New York rapper Little Mama plays the late Lisa “Left Eye” Jones.  

As far as the film, you be the judge. Do you think the actresses, directors, and producers served the legacy of the biggest female group of of the ’90s

“She totally came into character,” Chili said of Lil Mama, who wore contacts to mimic Left Eye’s distinctively large, dark pupils. 

“It was kind of scary. The resemblance was just crazy at times. Naturally, she kind of had some of the similar characteristics like Lisa. It was kind of eerie at times for us.”