Unlocked gates in Freshman Village await equipment


Question linger around Freshman Village, concerning why are the gates not locked? Since August gates in Martha Adams, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Tubman Hall have been locked. 

“The gates to Freshman Village are going to be locked as soon as the software and equipment to program the gate locks arrives and can be installed,” said James R. Payne, Director of Residential Life via email. 

“The equipment and software needed to program the gates is still on back order from the manufacture and that is why the gates are so late being locked.”  

Students often complain about gates being noisy, due to the fact they are being slammed, beat, and kicked on constantly. A few gates have broken handles along with wires coming out. From watching student going in and out the gates their going to been repaired before any software can be installed. The gates are not protecting anything or anyone, they just allow student to know someone has entered the building.

According to students, the vibe around Freshman Village is negative regarding to gates. 

“I understand the purpose of the gates, but there not locked and they noise disturb me,” said Kevin West, a freshman who living in the area.  

Student safety is always a priority of the Residential Life. Payne and his staff are dedicated in making changes. 

“We started last year evaluating safety issues on the campus and in Freshman Village in particular,” said Payne.  “There were too many incidents occurring and many students and parents were requesting that steps be taken to improve the situation.  The Administration heard these request and took action.”

The purpose of the gates are to stop non-residents from entering the building, as well as loitering which is a $250 fine. 

The new gates will cause a problem if students lose their room key. Without a room key to the building, one will not gain access to the building. New room keys can be purchased from Tiger Village Club house on the R.W.E Jones Street between Martha Adams dormitories and Jacob T. Steward. 

The gate were approved in June and were installed when the bid from the constructors were finalized.

An exact date has not been set for the software to arrive because it is on backorder. But for now the gates remain unlocked.