Elements of his left side roots


Anyone paying attention to hip-hop music today, you cant help but  feel that we are on the verge of a West Coast Renaissance. 

Like many other rappers before him hailing from the Golden State, listening to his Dom Kennedy’s debut Get Home Safely, gives you a feel for his landscape, and everything about it, from production to rapping cadence, situates you out West. The self-proclaimed Leimert Park legend spits his ever so needed life knowledge on his new album. 

“My dad be working hard and he get no promotion/ and he be there everyday, damn that’s devotion,” dom raps on the second song “17.”

Dom has a talent for describing his relationships with women and can paint a picture for you. The second verse of “South Central Love,” takes you on a small journey.

“I won’t forget that time your mom came home and you had me hop the fence.”

Throughout, Dom is joined by buzzworthy guest. Among them are Krondon, Nipsey Hussle, Skeme, Teeflii and Ty Dolla $ign. Beats come courtesy of DJ Khalil, DJ Mustard, Drew Byrd, The Futuristiks, Troy NoKA and more. 

In essence, Dom won’t challenge or confuse you; he just wants to make you happy. His small hood stories featured makes him a unique artist and someone who will eventually get his due. West West.