Best medicine is laughter

Orlando Lewellen says laughter is one of greatest things that can be given. The first of its kind, GSU’s student-produced sketch comedy show, “Etch N’ Sketch,” premiered Tuesday night on Youtube and will premiere on the Residential Life channel 79 this week. 

The idea for the show is largely originated when the senior mass communication major realized how students can enjoy a show after a long day of class and just sit back and laugh. 

“Students here need something they can relate to,” said Lewellen, a Fort Worth, Texas native. 

A group of around 12 students saw promise in this idea and collaborated with Lawellen; thus, the staff of “Etch N Sketch” was born. 

“I was really lucky to have friends and people around me who are really funny,” he said. “It’s college humor for college students made by college students,” he explained. “That hasn’t really been done here before.”

Rayonti Wright, director of photography and video for “Etch N’ Sketch,” sees considerable potential in the success of the show itself and in the talent of its creators.

“This show is hilarious,” he said. “Watch it to be entertained.” 

This semester, the staff of “Etch N’ Sketch” has been undergoing a rigorous weekly workload of free form pitch, sketch writing, read-throughs and studio production weekly. The crew has filmed in Tiger Village 800, JTS and the TV Center. 

“It’s been non-stop work,” said Wright. “Everybody wears a lot of hats in our crew.”

The group members said they grew up watching sketch comedy TV shows such as “Dave Chappell Show” and “Saturday Night Live” as inspiration. 

“I’ve been blessed to have a fantastic film crew,” Lawellen said. 

“Why not laugh?,” he asked. Lewellen believes this show would be beneficial if extended to society at large. 

Were trying to air four to five episodes before the semester is over,” Lewellen said.

Along with their television inspiration, Speech professor Nicholas Harrison said most of their on-stage material comes from inside jokes they have created with each other. The first episode, which is 12 minutes long, promises to keep students entertained, and will be a tastemaker before the second episode airs soon.  

“People should check it out because we have variety into this show and into the next episode,” Lewellen said.

“We’re here to make them laugh and, hopefully, keep coming back for more.”


Production crew


Travis Madison: Co-Producer/Staff Writer

Jason Whitley: Boom operator/Staff Writer

Jewel Bowden: Camera Op/Editor

Brianna Polley: Camera Op/Staff Writer

Nobel Mikeahl: Staff Writer/Music Producer

Kourtney Thurmond: Publicist/Secretary/Production Assistant/Staff Writer

Courtney Gardner: Publicist/Secretary/Production Assistant/Staff Writer

Jikiaa Herndon: Staff Writer/ Production Assistant

Jason Knight: Boom Operator

Andrea Beasley: Production Assistant/Staff Writer

Alan Blakeney: Executive Producer