Shutdown continues


The ongoing battle between the Democrats and Republicans has extended into its second week, but the two parties did reach an accord on one issue; re-employing furloughed Department of Defense civilian workers. 

 President Barack Obama and Congress agreed that DOD employees shouldn’t suffer because of the disagreement of the government. 

 Despite the accord in Washington that sent 400,000 DOD employees back to work, 872 civilian workers at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City are still jobless. 

 ”While we were allowed to bring our government civilians back to work today, we are still working through the ability to bring our contracted workers back as well,” Col. Andrew J. Gebara said on the Barksdale Air Force Base on Facebook page.  

 he unanimous 407-0 vote on the Pay Our Military Act, which was signed by the president just before the shutdown, guaranteed federal worker would be repaid once the shutdown ends. 

 ”The law allows the Department of Defense to eliminate furloughs for employees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being and readiness of service members, ” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in a statement on the DOD website Saturday. 

Grambling State University marketing professor said if the government continues to feud, the economy of north Louisiana could spiral downward.

 ”If this lasts for a month, you can see a downturn in at least Shreveport,” said professor Nathan McDougle. “If Shreveport sees a downfall it could affect a lot of things up here just because the commerce in Shreveport is big.” 

 he recent job cuts may result in local civilians altering their spending habits and cutting some expenditures. Consequently, this may cause local businesses near military bases to suffer. 

hris Trejo, owner of Trejo’s Mexican Restaurant located right in front of Barksdale, said his business currently has not been affected economically despite the government shutdown, but he added if the dispute doesn’t end, his business could be in risk. 

 ”Honestly, I haven’t noticed no impact so far, ” said Trejo. “I’d imagine if this went on longer that my business would be hurt.” 

Services at Barksdale


Commissary will reopen normal hours starting tomorrow.

A&FRC will restart their programs again to include TAP. 

Education Center will be able to provide more services to include WAPS testing.

Custodial services will resume under a limited capacity.

HAWC will reopen, but with limited services.

Wood Hobby Shop, Marketing and Outdoor Rec remain limited in services.

Library remains closed.

Base switchboard remains closed.

MPS remains closed for ID cards.