Student releases sports magazine

Joshua Freeman began to formulate ideas for his magazine months ago in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Now, he’s ready to make a name for himself right here on Grambling’s campus. 

“I began the company in Baton Rouge,” said Freeman about his hometown decision. 

“When I decided to create the magazine, I had to file a lot of paperwork to make it a legal business.” 

Freeman started the magazine idea from his blogging which spread around the internet.

“I had been blogging for about a year and the blogging I did started to travel around,” said the senior mass communication major. 

“My next step was to go national with exposure, and the only way I could do that is to create a magazine.” Freeman said all copies are sold out. 

“It’s not a long magazine,” said Freeman. “It’s mainly made for people who don’t necessarily have time to read, but want to keep up with the latest sports news.”

The magazine consists of a women-love-football section, an article about Southern University’s head football coach Dawson Odums, Freeman’s opinion on Top 10 college teams and the NFL rundown.

“Women love football” is a Q&A section talking to three women from Baton Rouge about their interest in football. Freeman found hometown models and asked if they were interested in football. 

“I wanted to see a woman’s perspective of the game,” he said. “I wanted to have some eye candy for the magazine as well.”

In the future, Freeman plans on putting another twist into the magazine issues by having other topics of discussion other than sports.

“I plan on talking about other aspects,” he said. “It wont be all sports.”

The next issue is due out in November during Bayou Classic.