Miss GSU Ambra Brice

 When talking to Ambra Brice, she pays homage to a former queen, Jameisa Lenard, who was elected as the face of Grambling State University in 2011-2012.  

 Brice said,  “I was on court for Miss Sophomore and Jamesia Leonard was my queen and serving by her, I knew I was going to come back and be Miss Grambling… just because Jamesia was just the ultimate queen.” 

 As Brice continued, she explained her definition of success and how she considered herself being successful.

 “…I think it’s kind of defined personally by yourself. My definition personally, would be to complete everything that I set myself out for.”  he goes on further to explain how she didn’t want to settle with her accomplishments she already possessed and not go all the way, and run for Miss Grambling.

 ”I actually was going to do calendar girl, but I ended up doing cover girl because it didn’t make sense.. You know?!,” said Brice. “I didn’t want to not just go from the big dog. So, I just did that and then…ran for Miss Grambling.”

Q: Growing up, you say you’re from Gibsland. How was that?!

A: I’m very family oriented; all of my family is in Gibsland. My umm, mom’s only sister lives in Dallas….but I’m the only child, the only grandchild, and my mom’s only sister doesn’t have any kids. So I’m all about my family.

Q: So you’re the only baby? So your coronation and becoming Miss Grambling was a big thing for your family?

A: Yeah. My family was really excited and I actually have a step-dad and he doesn’t have any kids so his family was all here…so yeah.

Q: Did you know you were going to come to Grambling and/or how did you become interested in Grambling?

A: Oh no. I never wanted to come to Grambling. My whole family, my momma, my daddy, my step daddy, all went to Grambling. I always said…even as a kid, we always made fun of Grambling because I was a local, it didn’t make any sense and we were always like, ‘Oh no! We’re not going to Grambling.’ Like that was basic if you were going to come to Grambling. When I moved to Oregon in the 6th grade I wanted to come back, so when I started to pick colleges I wanted to go to Atlanta-Clark or Howard, but I did apply to Grambling- I ended up choosing Grambling because it was the cheapest and I wanted to be close to my family.

Q: How hard is it for you to accomplish this goal?

A:I think the hardest thing is just…putting your school before myself because it’s a lot of decisions I wouldn’t make based on Ambra, that I make just for Grambling. But a lot of things come with the crown. So I think that’s been the hardest thing for me.