Miss Brown and Gold helps students realize self-worth


Miss Brown and Gold hosted a forum, “If you aren’t worth a good morning, he isn’t worth a good night” surrounding the issues of casual sex and monogamy last Thursday night. 

Students and the brothers of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc., were encouraged to share in thought provoking conversations about intimate relationships. 

“Young women are walking around and they don’t know their worth,” said Miss Brown and Gold, Elizabeth Eddy.  Eddy is the winner of the Iota Phi Theta scholarship pageant. She won using this platform and will host a series of forums discussing similar topics. 

Eddy secretly placed three white envelopes in random seats in the room. Jordan Harvey, SGA president, found and asked the first question to open the discussion. 

The envelope had the age old question of “Can a male and a female be just friends?” 

In attendance were some seasoned guests, Eddy’s parents, Darryl and Regina Eddy. They shared their own experiences and views on relationships.  Her father stated that he had been married  for “an amazing 20 years” and gave a great analogy, comparing a relationship to a plant. 

“You have to plant, water and cultivate for it to grow,” said Darryl.  He also adds his parents have been married for over 50 years. 

The key speakers included Harvey, Miss Grambling Ambra Brice, Miss Gold Rica Charleston and Iota Phi Theta President Terry Bowman. 

Charleston told her rare story of being a virgin in college. 

“I don’t believe in sex before marriage,” said Charleston. She explained how her boyfriend cheated on her on with the girl across the hall. She told the crowd, she overcame her heartbreak by understanding and defining her self worth.  

Bowman shed light on males not knowing their worth as well. He said, “You have to go through something to learn.” 

Like Charleston, he experienced heartbreak will not let it deter him from finding love again. He admits his cousin tried to encourage him to become a “player,” but he knew it was not in his character.  

The attendees had a rare treat to discuss not only the woman’s perspective but also males’ misfortunes with love.  

All of the speakers wore shirts declaring their worth. Eddy’s and the other women’s shirts stated, “I am worth it” with a diamond ring symbolizing marriage. 

Miss Brown and Gold will be selling her shirts for $10 until today. Friday the price will increase to $15. The proceeds from the shirts will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Eddy wants students to stay tuned for her next forum, “Diaries of a Satisfied Man” on Oct. 24. She promises that it won’t be something you would want to miss.