The lessons of a very human story

On Tuesday night, the Grambling State University Theater Department hosted it’s first play of the season with The Amen Corner. Placed in the early ’60s, the story is about a woman pastor, Sister Margaret, played by actress Ashley Boston. 

The play deals with the trials and tribulations of having a rebellious son, dealing with a sneaky and chatty congregation and a husband drowned in sin. 

“I always like to start the semester with a spiritual condensation,” said Director Dr. King Godwin. “What I like most about this play, it’s based upon religion and it speaks about all the essentials of family.” 

After serving her God faithfully and leading her faithful congregation for 10 years, Sister Margaret’s son David, played by Anthony Broadway, his first stage debut, falls into the cracks. 

In the beginning of the play, David played piano for the church and found his love for music through Christ. As he grown over the years, he began to love music more than he thought and decided to join a jazz band downtown in New York, where his father used to play. This wasn’t the life his mother wanted for him. Margaret felt following in his father’s footsteps was like following a path of sin. 

Overthrown by her congregation she thought was faithful and having her husband walk back into her doors after 10 years, Sister Margaret began to lose herself and her salvation. 

Boston said the most difficult parts of the play were the emotional scenes. 

“The story was familiar to me because I grew up in a church home,” said the seasoned actress. “Getting to an emotional part to reach the audience was most difficult.” The play kept the audience on the edge of their seats. 

 “The play was wonderful,” said Dorothy Pogue, the president’s wife.  “The message I took from the play was that love, honesty and truth are very important.”  The Amen Corner is definitely a must see.