Houma Boys dominate intramural football

In the last three years, the Houma Boys have taken all three flag football championships on Grambling State’s campus. Also, Houma won a state championship in 2011 and were National finalists. 

Trying to make it a four- year straight team, captain Tyrone “Oooowhee” Folse said, “We’re going to keep doing what we do.”  

In the last three years, the team has lost a total of two games. They mostly run a Wing T style offensive run with an added dimension of the pass.

“It’s hard too match up against these guys.  They’re so fast.  Every time they step on the field; it’s a track meet,” said by an anonymous fan. 

“Houma can score or get an interception any time they please. Hands down, Houma Boys are the fastest team in flag football on the campus and most likely in the state.”

Expectations are high this year with three player from the original team still there; they know how to win. 

Added help this season will be quarterback Trevon Smith. His ability to pass will help out their run-based offense. Along with scat back and slot wide receiver Jacquis Flores, he can run; he’s real quick in open field hard to grab his flag.

The Talk around campus is “Houma will take it again.”

And the talk has not been cheap.  You have to win games on the field, and Houma Boys has done this so far. Another title would be huge with four in four years. 

With next year’s team losing only three players, Houma Boys expects to win championships through 2015, making it six titles in a row.

With only two losses in the last three years, teams will have to play Houma differently. A win against Houma would be a statement game. 

With every team gunning for these boys, they have to be on their A game. 

 “We do this for fun,” Folse mentioned.  “A lot of people hate on us because we win so much, but it’s just for fun. Teams may be better than us; we just compete. We are competitors” stated captain Tyrone Folse. Yes, you may be better than them, but the only way to beat them is for them Houma Boys to beat themselves”

The championship Houma Boys consist of Folse, Abram Wallis, Cassius Nixon, Daivon Thomas, Dedric Smith, Donovan Hewitt, Flores, Javine Robinson, John Brown, Ledarien Wilson, Lee Little, Macoy Jones, Rondale Lives and Smith.