It took Jamila Mamon three days, five hours and 4,300 miles to drive from Anchorage, Alaska to Grambling in August 2009. Four years, four seasons it took her to become Historical Black College University Gameday Dancer of the Week. 

“It’s a great honor,” said Mamon when asked about receiving the honor. “I didn’t believe it first, I found out on Twitter.”  

Most dancers start at a young age, but Mamon was different. She started dancing in the 10th grade at Anchorage High school. After taking a multicultural dance class as an elective, her teacher told her she should consider dancing for the Dance Contempo, the high school’s dance company. She tried out and made it. From then, she was off. 

“That was a fun experience,” she said. ” That’s where it started.”

Looking for colleges during her senior year, Mamon found Grambling State University an easy choice already having family from here in Louisiana. 

“I knew I wanted to go to a historically Black school,” said the senior, who is double majoring in business management and marketing.. “Grambling was the perfect fit.” 

Expectations are high this season. Mamon says she and her teammates were looking forward to the upcoming season. This is her senior season, so Mamon is giving her all. “I feel the team is coming back this season,” added Mamon. “We’re strong together dancing with our heads on straight.” 

Ironically, Mamon’s dance mentor is Director Dianne Maroney-Grigsby. “Just watching Miss Maroney at her age practicing and performing keeps me going.”

Besides dancing, she enjoys singing, watching good movies and spending time with family and friends. She says her parents, Jerry and Portia Barnes-Mamon, encourages and motivates her quite often.

“They show up to my performances or take time out of their day to watch me on TV,” said Mamon. “I always look forward to dancing in front my teammates and family.”

With graduation coming soon and future plans on her mind, she wants to open her own fitness and dance studio. She doesn’t know where she wants to open it, but she’s a women with a plan.

“Classes would include Zumba, dance aerobics, yoga and pilates.”

Mamon also wants to continue dancing professionally after she graduates. Her top two teams she wants to dance for are the Seattle Seagirls or the Charlotte Bobcats. With that said, next year when you’re watching a sports event, look out for Jamila Mamon

“I enjoy entertaining people,” she said.