Issues with fights and drugs plague Freshman Village


Campus safety has become an issue at Grambling State. Over the past few weeks, fighting, smoking and the sale of illegal drugs have occurred in Freshman Village (dorms Fredrick Douglass, Phyllis Wheatley and J.D.E Bowen).

Since freshman orientation week between 5-10 fights have happened. Police have been able to break up these altercations between students. On Aug. 29 the police were called to break up two groups of students. Later to be understood as Shreveport fighting New Orleans.

“Men have different values;” said Eric Truvillion, Associate Justice for the SGA , “men will bump head due to morals as well as culture change.”

Once again on Sept. 7, the police were called to separate large roaring crowds where two girls were fighting resulting in a student begin tased.  Later in that week, University police were called again because of fighting occurring inside residential hall Fredrick Douglass, where a student was rushed and attacked by a group of students. 

With gates on the outside of residential halls not locked left students wondering: Do the gates actually help or hurt?

“The gates don’t really protect much student Treyvone Watis stated. “For once, they do not lock and second if they were to lock it would make it more dangerous”

Tuesday GSUPD broke up a fight between two male students in front Douglass Hall. Resulting in a student being arrested.  The police also were stopping and searching cars for marijuana.

The smell of drugs has been a constant problem in Freshman Village. Signs hanging up inside the dorms say no smoking inside the building. During the day the smell of marijuana lingers around the halls as well as sitting and working areas. 

“The smoke bothers my allergies,” mentioned student Jessica Barnes.  “I’m not use to the contact. This second hand smoke can be harmful to me in many ways.”