Grambling alum pens new relationship novel

Two hours before kick-off, Grambling State University alumnus Andy Brown began to set up to broadcast the Kansas City Missouri Classic for DFWi Radio, an online radio station. 

Brown said he drove to his hometown to see his alma mater play.  In his left hand, the entrepreneur held a book he published in 2011 titled Second Place Women Who Come in First. In his first book, Brown explains why the “other woman” has his attention. 

“I was inspired to write the book based off of conversations,” said Brown. His book allows curious readers to understand what’s really going on, because no one likes to talk about infidelity.

“There is a lot of infidelity going on and people don’t fully understand it,” he said. 

Sticking to his ambitions and aspirations, the 37-year-old transformed his book into a stage play. He plans to turn Second Place Women Who Come in First into a film in the near future. According to Brown, he has brought the play to southern cities like Dallas and Shreveport. He wants to bring the play to a theatre close to home.

“I am working on bringing the play to both KC and Grambling,” said Brown. “It would be nice for students to do.”

While at Grambling, he majored in marketing and received his bachelor’s degree in July 1999. According to Dr. King Godwin, this can be done after the play script has been reviewed and approved. If approved, the play will not be in production until at least next fall. 

In 2012 at the Southern Black Theatre Festival in Shreveport, his play won three Mahogany Drama awards Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Main stage Production.

“At the festival we received five nominations and came home with four awards,” said the proud Brown. 

According to the radio personality, he has a second book in the making. The fiction-book is based off of interviews from biracial people and their  mixed emotions. His book is due to hit shelves Jan. 1.