Ouster of Williams took most by surprise


“I believe that coach Doug should have been given a couple of more games before being fired. We all know he has the ability to coach and win – look at 2011. I do believe more thought should have been put into this decision.”

Que’brelyn Hill, senior sport management major


“I really don’t care, to be honest. Even though he is a Super Bowl ring winner and a Grambling legend, we need to win games.”

Hal Mims, junior kinesiology-sport management major


“I feel as though Doug should’ve been fired. The timing was not great, but it was needed. The football program is shortly removed from a conference championship and now we’re 1-16. Doug was not getting the job done. You cannot win being a ‘daddy.’ We need a coach.”

Desmond Stegall, junior mass communication major


“I do feel as if the timing is wrong, but as far as the decision, all we can do is let time tell.”

LaDerricka Morris, sophomore kinesiology-sport management major


“Being two games into the season and removing a head coach can be vitally detrimental to the morale of the team. It was an untimely decision even though it was the right decision. Doug Williams was a great player and may have been a good coach, but he wasn’t the right fit for Grambling State University.”

Jahi Gilkey, sophomore mass communication major


“Although Doug Williams is a legend, everyone has their own cross to bear. God has a plan for coach Williams and his entire family. … [He is] taking it for the team. We love you, coach. D.J., stay humble and strong.”

Jasmine Milburn, junior mass communication major


Renita Henderson

“In my opinion, firing Doug Williams two games into the season was bad timing. It is so much confusion about what really happened. I haven’t been here long enough to know his history with Grambling, but I do know that since he is under contract he will get his money regardless. I wish him luck and hopefully we win the rest of the season.”


“I feel they should’ve waited until the result of the second conference game because this firing can result in a slit of the locker room and manifest into a lost season. I also feel that the season could’ve been salvaged and if anyone needed to be fired, it should have been the offensive coordinator due to the lack of offensive production.”

Martin Horner, sophomore mass communication major


“I think Doug Williams being fired was the right thing for Grambling because after one unsuccessful season and the start of another, it was about time.”

Kassandra Merritt, sophomore mass communication major


“I do not know the real reason why they decided to fire him out of the blue. I feel it may have been personal reasons for him to be fired. Another reason may be that they do not win many games and Grambling is known for football. I hope everything works out in the end.”

Corin Canillas, transferred from Tuskegee this semester