Top R&B artists release new albums

John Legend 

Love In the Future

John Legend’s fifth album speaks for itself. He maintains his mellow feel, but puts out a universally classic CD. Love in the Future doesn’t hold back on it’s use of percussion and acoustic instruments, but it doesn’t hesitate tox dab in and out of the modern, electronic tones. The Majority of the album is mellow and typical Legend; especially in “Open your eyes” and “Angel.” This album definitely shows another side of legend tone wise. 

The album, as a whole, is simple but gives off a multicultural sensation. It is utterly modest yet prominent. But because the distinctive John Legend is still evident, fans will not be disappointed.

Songs: Stay and Fight, Hot Sugar, Prettiest Girl

– Gabrielle Hansford


Tamar Braxton

Love and War

Overall, the album is believable, relatable, and shows off a softer side of Tamar. Love and War shot up to No. 1 on iTunes R&B chart after pre-orders began. 

“Everybody experiences love but sometimes it feels like war,” Tamar explained to Robin Roberts during a recent appearance on Good Morning America. 

Three hit television shows, two hit singles, one new album, and one adorable baby boy: for Tamar Braxton, the hits just keep on coming.

Songs: Stay and Fight, Hot Sugar, Prettiest Girl

– Trent Brown


The Weeknd

Kiss Land

Canadian recording artist Abel Tesfaye, also known as the Weeknd, is set release his sophomore album Kiss Land on September 10. Due to the leaking of his tracks, Tesfaye streamed his album for a week before the release date. Kiss Land is not a star-studded album. He only features two artists, Drake on “Live For” and Pharrell on “Wonderlust” remix. 

The Weeknd’s sound is very deceptive. Vocally he’s top-notch, but his lyrical content can be quite offensive and lustful. Definitely must be of age to listen to this album. 

Songs: Live For, Wonderlust


– Kevin Keise