Miles’ sayings published

If you grew up in the northern part of Louisiana, there is a name that rings clear, especially on Sunday Mornings around 7 a.m.  Earnest Miles, best known as “Earnie” of the Earnie Miles Gospel Show, has spread the word through songs for over 30 years.

Now Miles has an additional credit to place behind his name. I’ll See You In Church: Common Sense Commentaries from a Broadcasting Pioneer, by Earnie E. Miles. The book  was formatted and published by Dr. Earnest Johnson of Baton Rouge.

Miles, a graduate of Leland College in Baton Rouge in the field of Social Studies, also attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Xavier University of New Orleans and the University of Detroit.  

He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

“I taught math at Pinecrest High School in Winnfield for seven years. I had a pregnant wife Clara, one suit and I needed a job,” said Miles.

He produced eight university-related documentaries that featured the Grambling State University band, football program, former coaches and Joseph Johnson, the university’s third president.

Miles, former public relations director for Grambling State University, received the institution’s 2004 Drum Major award for his contributions to humanity. He served as director from 1980-92, chief photographer from 1960 to 1977.

He has been very active in humanitarian missions; once raising over $35,000 in three weeks to assist with helping save lives in Africa. C.A.R.E. was so impressed with Miles fundraising and passion for the cause that they sent him on a trip to Africa.

He was founder and editor of The Monroe News Leader, a weekly newspaper in northeastern Louisiana. It was first published in 1960.