Freshman Class elections under way


A great way for an incoming freshman to make his or her presence known at Grambling State University is to get involved and be impactful around campus. Joining the Freshman Class political Cabinet gives them a great opportunity to do just that. 

 “Being that this is their first year, it does not limit their possible progress at this university,” said Student Government Executive Board member Samara Flowers. “The freshman title is just that, a title.” 

This week the Freshman Class is holding elections, which started with a parade and a queen showcase. 

Voting opened at 11 a.m. on Wednesday and will end Friday at 11 a.m., and winners will be announced at noon in Grambling Hall.. 

Candidates are:

President: Vinicia Albritton, Keiana Jones and Christopher Parker.

Vice president: Mionne Featherstone and Tamara Stewart.

Secretary: LaSadie Dixon and Breonna Ward.

The fall elections are traditionally for freshmen, but because of vacant positions in the upperclassmen Cabinet, the elections are open to all levels. The upperclassmen positions that were open are election commissioner, deputy election commissioner, Senior Class associate justice positions, Junior Class associate justice, Sophomore Class secretary, and Sophomore Class associate justice.

The requirements for freshman are that they show proof of enrollment, have a full time student status, which is 12 hours, and maintain this status from the time of qualifying until the end of the term. 

In the event that a freshman candidate began school in the summer, the 2.5 grade point average still applies.

Last week, the freshman elections nearly didn’t happen, delayed because of registration.

 The Election Code stats, “In the fall semester, the pre-election week shall be held on the 2nd week of school and the election week shall be held during the third week of school.”

Responsible for knowing this and getting the elections up and running at the last minute is the Board of Elections. 

When asked is the freshman elections relevant she answered yes because they have to make sure that all classes are being represented. 

“They are the future student leaders of our university.”