Where did the VMAs go wrong?


She can’t stop, and she can’t stop! Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards was definitely a sight to see.  Performing her new single “we can’t stop” and keeping her video in mind, her performance on Sunday was just bizarre. 

She was dancing around the stage with giant teddy bears and seeing a plus-size woman throw prizes into the crowd while Miley was “twerking.” The audience went crazy, but  home viewers thought she was on drugs.  

“I think she’s the next Lindsay Lohan,” freshman Brianna Dorsey, said.  Robin Thicke also stirred up the night with his choice of attire. Thicke willingly chose to wear a suit, calling him the new Beetlejuice.  

Now, event though his performance was awful, the worst moment was yet to come. Cyrus unclothed herself from the T-shirt dress she wore when she first came on stage, into a nude color two- piece that has been the talk of the week. As she proceeded to take off her clothes, the mood of the crowd and millions of people watching definitely changed.  

Although the VMAs was subpar, it did have its moments. Justin Timberlake’s performance was the best of the night when he reunited with N’sync and sang their No.1 song, “Bye, Bye, Bye”.   

Timberlake’s performance was as if he was having his own concert. Drake performed his two new singles, “Hold On We’re Going Home,” and “Started From the Bottom.” The last performance of the night was Katy Perry, who actually performed her new song “Eye of the Tiger” at the Brooklyn Bridge and not from inside the actual award show.