SWAC moves Championships to Houston


As the Southwestern Athletic Conference moves its football and basketball championship games to Houston, Grambling State University will benefit most with this move. 

Athletic Director Aaron James is also in favor of this move. 

“I think it’s a great move,” said James. “We’re playing in two great facilities with Reliant Stadium and the Toyota Center. Also we’re in a major city where it will help with recruiting.” 

With the Tiger football team having 12 players from Houston and the surrounding areas. 

Houston the fourth largest city in the United States; this move will played a role in recruiting. 

“With Houston being one of Grambling largest alumni cities this could affect the game ,in a tremendous way,”

said James.

The Tigers can use this as a recruiting tactic, and if the Tigers were to make it back to the championship as they did in 2011, the game played in Houston could a be home  field advantage.

Since 2005, Grambling football has played in the SWAC championship four times, each in Birmingham, Ala. with attendance declining from 43,206 to 20,612. 

Drawing from a larger crowd, attendance can boost on the Tigers next visit to the championship game. 

Tiger fans can enjoy luxury seats and sky boxes in the Reliant Stadium, which seats 71,054 and the Toyota Center which seats 18,043.

James also stated this will not only benefit Grambling but will benefit the entire conference.  

“The game is closer to their conference schools,” said James. “With one school already in Houston Texas Southern and one right down the road Prairie View, attendance can double.”

“We’re five hours away, Southern is seven hours, (the) only schools that travel more are the Alabama and Mississippi schools.”