GSUPD gets new leaders

The Grambling State University Police Department made history when it named two women to lead GSUPD.

A promotion and introduction ceremony was held Wednesday announcing the new leaders: Lieutenant of Administration Ruby Jones and Lieutenant of Operations Sarah Williams. The event was held at the Betty Smith Nursing Building.

They are the first two women to hold a high position together on the police staff.

Jones has been at GSU for 25 years and Williams for 23 years.

The ceremony opened up with a welcome and acknowledgements from retired Chief of Police Willie Bell.

Jones and Williams were later honored by the official promotion and pinning from GSU President Frank G. Pogue

Dr. Pogue also expressed his appreciation for Jones and Williams during the ceremony.

“I’m honored and excited to be here to say congratulations to Ms. Jones and Ms. Williams. I have a special place in my heart for the police department. 

Community policing is what you are all about and I respect that,” said Dr. Pogue.

The Police Department also brought new names to the staff. 

Corporate officer Stephen Gauthreaux is new here to GSU and feels that he has landed at a school that will be a great fit for him.

” This is my first year at GSU and I was at University of Louisiana at Monroe for two years. I am really excited about being here and I feel this police department is a tight knit family and I feel very welcomed to be here”, said Gauthreaux.

Jones and Williams made some remarks about their accomplishment in making school history.

” I feel this a well deserved accomplishment and we feel we have proven ourselves throughout the years”, said Jones.

Williams made a statement about gender equality in the police department.

” This proves that lieutenant officer isn’t just for males but females can do the job just as well if not better”, stated Williams

Williams and Jones wants the University to know that the students, faculty and staff are number one in their eye. They want the people of GSU to feel safe all around.

” Our job is to serve and to protect, we want our campus to feel safe and we will give 100 percent in any and everything we do,” said Jones.

The ceremony ended with final remarks from Bell.  Shortly after refreshments were served to the public.