Express under construction

Everyone on the campus of Grambling State University has raised questions about the Tiger Express this semester. 

Many have asked: When will Taco Bell open? What are they going to do with the convenience store? And so on. 

The first question everyone wants to know is why is it so hot in the food court. According to Eddie Rushing, director of food operations with Aramark, “It’s an issue with one of the vents in the building.  Over the summer the vents were shut down, therefore creating the heat issue in the Express.”

Rushing said the air is projected to be fixed in the student eatery later this week.

The newest name to the Tiger Express lineup is Taco Bell. According to Rushing, Aramark decided to bring something new to the table with Taco Bell. 

“We gave students a survey last year to see how we were doing and if they wanted to see any changes. We noticed more than half the students wanted to see Taco Bell in the express,” said Rushing.

Rushing wanted to fulfill the students’ wishes, and they wanted to have more national names at the Express. So the Aramark team brought the popular fast-food restaurant to campus.

Taco Bell is replacing the Topoi’s Pizza, which didn’t get much business. 

The opening date for Taco Bell is slated for Sept. 16.

Students are excited to see the new fast-food venue on campus.

“I can’t wait for Taco Bell to open,” said sophomore kinesiology major Maridia Washington. “I love that place. I’m glad to see a change in the Express.” 

Not only did the Express add new venues but the university increased the amount of tiger bucks students receive.

If a student has three meals a day the student will receive 200 tiger buck instead of 150 and if a student has two meals a day then that student will receive 260 tiger bucks instead of 210.

“We decided to allow the students to gain more money since we have new venues”, stated Rushing.

Rushing also state that there won’t be any increases in prices due to the increase in tiger bucks.

The last question that has been raised by student is what happens to the convenience store?

According to Aramark, they wanted to expand onto the former convenience store.

“We wanted to add on to the former convenience store and turn it into a supermarket for the students. We felt that it would benefit the students more by having the supermarket and getting rid to Starbucks and the coffee shop,” said Rushing.

Students are anxious to see the new store.

“I’m really excited to see the new store and I feel it will be very beneficial to have a bigger store rather than the Starbucks,” said Junior Psychology Major Kristal Ben.

The supermarket is projected to be finished by late September or early October.