A little taste of LA: Vineyard Clothing hits Grambling


Grambling State University is a place where culture and creativity can be expressed in many ways. Willie Anderson, a freshman from Los Angeles with a dream like many others had. However, this dream in particular has been put in motion. The idea came while he was sitting around conversing with his friends.

After talking for an hour, his friend asked, Why don’t you come up with our own clothing brand? Anderson said he always wanted to, but the plan fell through because of locations in life. 

“For about two years, many ideas came and went through my head, but I wasn’t sure,” said Anderson. 

In 11th grade at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles , two names stuck out to him, Block Boys Clothing Co. or Vineyard Clothing Brand. 

“I had to make a hard decision on which one properly reflects and shows the right movement,” he said. In the end, Vineyard Clothing was born. Vineyard Clothing Brand has turned out “to be a way not only for us to get on top, but a way of life,” Anderson added. 

“I want this to show that no matter what area of life you come from, you could be your own vineyard, too, and all you have to do is plant a seed in anything and watch it grow into something bigger than you never expected.”

 Anderson is motivated to touch the lives of people in ways he never thought possible. He wants to be an inspiration to others when they have no other motivation. There’s no telling where his new clothing line will take him, but his plan is to make Vineyard Clothing the next top clothing line. 

“We want Vineyard Clothing Brand to have class like Louis Vuitton and all the other major designers, but then have more of a soulful and urban side like Diamond Supply and Stussy.” 

In time between classes, Anderson will be looking for serious graphic designers, models, and photographers to join the team. Until then, Anderson is just carving our own lane out. 

Fashion plays a major part in any culture, and this just may be the next big thing. 

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