Greetings from SGA president


Dear Gramblinites


I am Jordan F. Harvey of Forsyth, Ga., with the distinguished honor of serving as your student body president 2013-2014. The student body and Student Government Association would like to welcome you to the illustrious Grambling State University, “Where Everybody is Somebody!” We would like to thank you first for allowing Grambling State to be the hub of your future success and beginning of your future accomplishments.


Grambling State University was founded in 1901 and has stood strong for more than 110 years! Throughout those years, history has been made at and by the students of the university. Here at Grambling, we pride ourselves on our academics and aspirations of excelling in all of our goals and endeavors in and outside of the classroom. With more than 110 years of history it is now YOUR time to leave your mark!


Our university offers various majors, minors and studies for you to study and build a career around. There are also multiple organizations related to education, service, networking and social interactions on our campus available to you. I challenge you to strive for perfection in the classroom and get involved on campus. This is your opportunity to build a legacy; seize it!


Our focus as Student Government Association is to be YOUR VOICE and to focus on matters at hand that impact you as students, student life and overall involvement on campus and any issues that arise in your time at Grambling State. I look forward to hearing from each of you and wish you the best for your future and career. Feel free to call on your student leaders for help or support. 


Yours in Friendship,


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