Open Letter


I am a pastor born and raised in Oakland, Calif., and now I have a church in Grambling. I grew up with after-school programs and summer sports programs, with mentors who enhanced and rounded my life as an individual. 

These programs also kept me out of trouble! I want to present the same LIFE experience to the youth of Grambling.

The Life Leadership Academy (LLA) will be the place where the youth of Grambling can change their lives and have access to:

ν LIFE Leadership Program (self-esteem, youth banking, drug and alcohol prevention)

ν 180 Degrees Program (nationally acclaimed after-school program)

ν Time-Out Movement (Stop the Violence Campaign)

ν DOVE Program (Daughters Of Virtue Empowered)

Your help and contributions will help the youth in Grambling with LIFE (Living In Fullness Everyday). Every dollar seeds into a young person the greatness of self and the jewel of LIFE.

 The LLA Campaign needs $13,456 to complete the renovation of the building and grounds of the house purchased for the LLA of Grambling. The major expense is a new roof, and complete renovation of the rooms and kitchen. We want the LLA of Grambling to be utopian for the youth. 

For those who can’t contribute monetarily, that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Just assist us in getting the word out. Make some noise about our campaign, so that as many people come across our donation page as possible.

The address for the LLA of Grambling is 116 Brown St., Grambling, LA  71245.  

Please help us make this happen. Share this story with everyone you know. 


David Hartfield-Dyels