Grambling State student remembered as energetic


Funeral services for Robert Daunte’ Miller Jr., a Grambling State University student, was held July 10 in  Inglewood, Calif. at Faithful Central Bible Church. He was killed instantly in a tragic car accident on June 28.

Robert came to GSU on a scholarship. Robert immediately fell in love with Grambling and the cheer team.  

As a member of the team, he demanded excellence from himself as well as his team members.  This pursuit of excellence lead his team to a higher level than it had previously been.  

His desire to be the best led him to become the first team member to become a National Collegiate All American.

His love for education also grew as he began his diligent effort to graduate with a bachelor’s continuing on in pursuit of a master’s degree. Shy of six units needed to graduate is when he met his untimely death.  

Miller was born September 8, 1985 in Los Angeles,  the first of five younger siblings, he displayed a love for the fine arts.  As a youth Robert produced a host of family plays, shows and musical selections.

The extensive productions were not only an enjoyment to watch but had technical expertise sections that were well beyond his years.

In 1990 Robert and his family moved to Yuma, Arizona and settled into a life as a military brat moving from base to base to include California and Virginia.  During this time, he continued to explore his creative side and won contests such as:  Mr. Yuma Proving Ground and the Y.P.G. Mother’s Day essay contest.

In 1995 Robert moved to Moreno Valley, Calif. where his love for swimming began to grow. At 16, he took a test to become a lifeguard and the following year, took his swimming expertise to a higher level to become a swimming instructor.

Robert taught children and adults  from the ages of three to 73 as if they were trying out for the Olympic swimming team.  This is one example of how he demanded perfection no matter what arena he was in.  The highlight of his lifeguarding career was ensuring the safety of Halle Berry in the movie “Gothica”.

About the same time, Robert discovered his love for cheerleading.  He began his cheerleading career at Culver City High School.  His passion developed and so did his skills and expertise.  Throughout high school Robert was a member of several nationally ranked cheerleading teams.  Along with refining his cheerleading skills, his dancing abilities became second to none.  He graduated from high school in 2004 and attended California State University in Sacramento.

Realizing his performer side needed to be nourished; Robert decided to leave Sacramento to begin his dancing career.  He danced and cheered on sets that included Glee. The Brats, Bring It On and performed as a dancer in the House of Blues, Las Vegas and many other dance companies. He worked as a dancer and cheer instructor for Jamz, UCA, and Santa Monica High School and LA Dream All Stars.

Robert is survived by his father and mother Robert Miller and Venus Jewett, two sisters: Victorya Jewett, and Olympia Jewett, three brothers: Isaiah Jewett, Zion Miller and Elijah Miller; three aunts: Jacqueline Koshiba, Annette Harris and Gwen Reed and his grandparents: Zollie and Villa Harris,   Stanley Miller along with a host of cousins, loving friends and extended family members.