Still no crowns for the campus’ champs


It’s understood that Grambling State University’s track and field program doesn’t generate any revenue. The program is fairly unappreciated and doesn’t receive much support.

But seriously, what needs to happen for the program to receive all of its rings? Win 30 more titles? 

It’s unheard of for a university’s winningest program to not be recognized the way they should be. Especially when the university is Grambling, a university that supposedly takes pride in its athletics. 

This past weekend, the men’s track and field program added to its long list of achievements, yet the university seemingly does not care. If they did, then they will find a way to reward the men’s track and field program.

Championship rings are not in the athletic budget, but the G-Men football team did lose to TCU to gain $400k. So there is money somewhere in athletics, but where is it going? 

It’s definitely not going towards the men’s track and field program that’s for sure!


Sports editor Kevin Keise is a senior mass communication major from Houston.