Rising stars emerge under the lights

Last Thursday via Grambling’s T.H. Harris Auditorium, Elle Varner, Curren$y and Ace Hood gathered their talents for an inspiring night of talent and great music. 

The show itself kicked off somewhat early with host Pskillz and DJ Chase on the wheels of steel dropping hits from the West Coast, Midwest, South and the East Coast. 

Pre-show openers, Top Choice Productions performed some cuts off their recent mixtape STL/ATL Connection.” Very solid joints but the crowd didn’t show much enthusiasm besides a few screams. Spitta definitely gave it his all but this crowd could care less. After almost a half-hour recess, Pskillz kept enticing the crowd in anticipation of Elle Varner

Varner, an MBK/RCA Records new signee, performed a set of some of her new and old songs for a half crowded auditorium. Opening her set, “Elle Veezy” performed material off her debut EP, Conversational Lush, released March of last year. 

Most can agree the Los Angles songbird was dressed down, considering she walked on stage wearing a black leather jacket, regular jeans and shirt, not to mention hair pulled back in a ponytail, but her vulnerability singing hard-grooving jams outweighed what she wore. 

From the moment she started, eyebrows raised, the crowd started to sway to the musical sounds of “Only Wanna Give It To You” and “Refill,” both radio hits off her debut Perfectly Imperfect. Those who knew the words to “Refill,” knows she amazes every single time she sings it. Elle was so grateful that fans came out to support her to the fullest.

It seemed like everything was slowing down when it got closer to 9 p.m, when Curren$y finally came on stage to shut it down. Once he hit the stage, the anticipation grew silently as some of the GSU crowd wondered what he had to bring to the table. 

His slur of weed slang and laid-back lines being spit were matched perfectly to his underground fan base. You could hear each instrumental coming in quietly in the background as each song started to build up. 

Then you heard the flow that only Curren$y himself could deliver. The word “Jets” filled the room as Spitta cranked out songs “Elevator Musik”, “King Kong,” “Michael “Knight,” “Capitol,” “Showroom,” “She Don’t Wanna Man,” “Breakfast,” “Jet Life,” “Get Up B****,” and “Choosin,” and many more. 

Took a long time for GSU to adjust to the New Orleans MC, his energy was surreal. Curren$y performed as if he didn’t care how many people he was rapping in front of. 

Ace Hood picked up where Curren$y left off. DJ Khaled’s premier artist put some much needed adrenaline back into the audience. 

He continued the set with uptempo hustler anthems, “B**** and Bottles,” “Cash flow,” “Hustle Hard,” and “Welcome to My Hood.” A couple of laid back joints for the ladies ended it with “Ride,” and “I Need Your Love.” 

To save the best for last, Ace closed his set performing his new smash single “Bugatti.” off his third album, Trials and Tribulations, due July 16. 

There were three waves of concert goers that night. Elle Varner pleased the ladies, Curren$y took care of the smokers and backpackers, and Ace Hood represented the mainstream listeners.