Professor speaks about recent controversies

 On April 15, 3 students were shot at Grambling State University.  Recently, I found out that tuition went up beyond any reasonable explanation.  Two weeks ago, this newspaper came out as a supporter of the one of the most idiotic issues in the history of human civilization- gay marriage (the term itself is senseless because marriage is by definition a union between a man and a woman).  Is this “higher education” in today?

  don’t know why those people were fighting yesterday.  I don’t know why they resorted to using deadly arms.  None of these facts matter.  The main thing I want to know is why are they doing this at an institution of higher learning?  In a place where people should be encouraged to think above the level of the average person, mass thuggery should not exist.  They should have been taught to think logically enough to avoid this type of conflagration.  An institution of higher learning should be a haven away from the tomfoolery that leads to this level of senseless violence.

  see good students leave because of meager finances in the face of ever mounting tuition costs.  I’m not a financial whiz nor do I understand the intricacies of institutional budgeting.  I do know however, that it is illogical to raise the price of one’s product beyond the ability of the consumer to buy.  Grambling State University was created to serve the descendents of slaves which still includes a disproportionately large number of impoverished students.  Because of this special mandate, Grambling has historically been a special place that inspires pride in doing right and advancement.  Now it seems that this institution is slipping into the pit of capitalist destruction.  

 hen I came here in 2008, the low tuition was a selling point.  Students from certain states paid less to come here than they would to attend a public institution in their home states.  Again, I don’t know about budgets, but in my humble opinion, if they asked all employees who make over $100,000 a year to take a 10 percent salary reduction, that could help.  Or maybe we could bring the pageant budget down to one a year (or none at all). Or maybe we could totally destroy the student entertainment budget in exchange for scholarships.  Or maybe we could totally destroy all competitive athletic programs that don’t win.  There are so many other things that could be done to save money before we raise tuition.

inally, homosexual marriage is impossible.  For centuries marriages have been the basis of all human societies.  If we just put aside the fact that homosexuality is openly condemned by the Bible and most other religions, we can still deal with the fact that homosexuality is a sexual aberration to normal human sexual behavior.  Open homosexuals make up about 5 percent of the population in the United States.  If you add in the closeted homosexuals, the total is most likely at 10 percent of the total population.  So obviously it is not a widespread phenomenon.  

 ore importantly, homosexuals cannot reproduce within the parameters of a homosexual relationship.  The Ancient Greeks knew this, so even though homosexuality was widely accepted in their societies, they knew that marriage was necessary for the continuation of human civilization.  The truth is this whole “gay” marriage issue is about money.  Homosexual couples want the financial benefits that married people have.  So in exchange for financial benefits, they have decided to take on the whole of human history and the institution of marriage.  Now our poor sheepish students are jumping on this bandwagon without a second thought.  Students in higher education should examine positions before they take them instead of going with the most popular view.   However, so many people support this position and cannot say why.  This is the sad reality of “higher education” today.



Dr. Douglas Thomas is a professor in the History Department at Grambling State University.