GSU Students mark Earth Day

 While most people around the Grambling community were taking on their daily endeavors, a Grambling State University graduate student organized a local Earth Day  observance in hopes of beautifying the community.

 Monday at the Grambling Park, Shanice Brooks, 24, from Delle Rose,  took matters into her own hands as the founder of the nonprofit organization Nurture Nature, a program she has been working on for about a year trying to keep the community clean.

“My goals with the program is to nurture nature, plant trees, recycle, pick up trash, and help fund the community with any type of environmental awareness,” said Brooks describing the program she speerheaded.

 Celebrated in over 192 countries, April 22 marked the 43rd anniversary of the annual worldwide event that advocates support for environmental protection. 

 rooks, who is receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, originally started the cleaning for Earth Day in Grambling. She also plans to involve the community in a effort to  raise awareness and to make the city a cleaner and greener place for locals and students.

 ”The day we find it easy to look away at the stress, harm and utter dismay we as natural habitants bring amongst our ecosystem is doubtlessly a sad day,” said Brooks.

 Friday at 10 a.m.,  Brooks will conduct an Arbor Day event on campus, where she encourages everyone to come out and participate in saving the community.