Farewell IV – Tiger embarks on new life journey


As I sit here I think if how I want to start my farewell article, I’ve always envisioned the people I’d thank and  all the right things that I would say, but it’s actually all different now. First, I would like to thank God for giving me peace understanding and a sound mind in order to not only get accepted into to college, but to be so very close  to becoming a Gramblin Alum. 

My time here at Grambling  has been a great one full of laughter, tears, great sorrow joy, and every type of emotion that you could imagine. Entering college, I was not the person that you see today. I was quiet, reserved, unsure of a lot of things, yet very ambitious. 

I would like to thank my parents my wonderful mother, Catherine and farther Gregory for believing in me and instilling strong faith in God a value system with high morality. You imbedded in me  not take anything for anyone and but at theand to never change who I ‘am as a person that I was special.

To my friends: Enjoli, Austin, Labreka, Kayla, Shiiresse, Erin, Rob, Antoniete Racquel, and Labreka. I know that God placed you all in my life for a reason and you don’t always meet people that you connect with thank you for challenging me and helping to make me better. thank you for accepting me as your friend. I owe my happiness in life to God, for if we’re not for him I wouldn’t be the person that I ‘am..Thank you to the wonderful Mass Communication Department I’ve always felt like the department was home and it’s comforting to know that you all truly care  Thank you to Dr. Murray over the years you have helped me to succeed and I really appreciate it. Thank-you to Ms. Joice Dunn and Wanda Peters you women are truly awesome thank-you for everything that you’ve done for me.

Thank you to Dr. Sharon-Ford done for introducing me to the Gramblinite in 2008. Thanks to the team that was there when I first started Darryl D., Justin, Juston, Terrence, Janaya. I would also like to thank the following organizations that allowed me to be a part of creating a better world: Canterbury Association, The Gramblinite, Campus Ministry, CKI, AMA, NAACP, NSBE, and FSUB. I’m for the wonderful relationship that were created from these organizations I love you all.

To everyone whom I’ve  encoutnred in my tenure at GSU, you were apart of my growth as a woman. I’am so very blessed to have had the many expereinces that I’ve had. I never knew that attending an HBCU, would be such a life-changing experience, I’m extremly greatful t I bid a farewell to all but wherever I go you will be in my heart. Pray for me as I embark on my purpose in life.