Farewell IV – SGA ‘finish strong’


Dear Gramblinites:

The semester has begun to approach its conclusion and I want to take some time to motivate each and every one of you to “FINISH STRONG”!  As I look over my term as president of the Student Government Association there are many things that I will never forget about Grambling State University and the students I had the honor of representing. 

When I became SGA president I wasn’t given an instructions manual or a long speech on how to be a good leader.  All I had was experience, passion, a great team and student body behind me.  



I would like to ensure that I publicly outline a few of the accomplishments and projects taken on by this administration.

Student Discount Cards

Tiger Den, Tiger Den Lab & Student Relations Center

Voter Registration/Election Campaign

Improved SGA Elections 

Provided financial support to organizations and students for enhancement opportunities

iLEAD Summit (Leadership conference for student leaders)

Integrated social media into our communication with students 

Established “Talk to Me Thursday” to give and receive information from students

Sent 2 students to the Presidential Inauguration 

Wireless Upgrades campus wide

Intramural Expansion/Pool Renovation Project

Assist with campus wide beautification 

Student Fee for a Recycling program & Student Fee for the theater department 

Worked on a new library proposal  

New Jumbo Screen for the courtyard to keep students informed

Improving Dining Services

Worked to help secure Taco Bell as a new vendor 

Helped to get students $50 more in Tiger Bucks

Book Loan Program 

Improving SGA Transportation 

Building stronger relationships with students and administration to further the mission of the SGA

100% Tobacco Free Policy

Campus Security/Safety 

Newly amended SGA Constitution 

Raised $18,000 in financial commitments to student support from Alumni 


I must say that if I had to do it all over again one thing I would not change the experience that I had.  This opportunity to lead and serve the 5,000 students at GSU by far has prepared me for greater things ahead. You have my word that I still hold the same commitment to you that I held since day one.  My energy and passion to empower and lead this student body with excellence by “breaking barriers, putting students first” still exists!  You just elected a new SGA administration and it’s imperative that you get behind them with full support.  One thing that this year has taught us is that we are only as strong as the people who believe in us.  Make sure that you’re engaged in this process and that you continue to make this place greater.  I want to thank everyone who worked with SGA 2012-2013 to accomplish our vision.  Representing over 5,000 students isn’t an easy task nor is it always as glamorous as many make it out to be.  It is however, one of the most rewarding experiences to have.  Serving you all has been a thrill by far! 

God Bless & Shalom!