Farewell II – Photo Finish

 This is not a farewell but more like a long letter to thank those that have helped me while I have been at Grambling

 Let me start by thanking my mother and grandma Robbie for all their hard work getting meW through college. Year after year, I talked about staying home and the only way to keep me here was to give me pretty much anything to keep me happy and enjoying college. I will never forget my first Grambling memory with my mom which would have to be us coming over the hill and laughing so hard because we had no clue what we got ourselves into. W still talk about ’til this day. But I love you both, one just a little more then they other, but you two have given me all that I needed to make me who I am today.

To my grandma Bea if it wasn’t for my monthly allowance I would have been out here with enough money in my pocket to only last me a couple of days. I know I’m making you the happiest grandmother ever. I thank you so much. You didn’t have to do anything but you stayed breaking bread for your favorite grandson. 

I have to thank my Godmom for having me apply to Grambling. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be writing this column. She had me fill out the application and did everything else. Next thing you know I was on a plane to start my college life. I’m too grateful to have you in my life because without college I’m not sure where I would be in life right now. Thank you again for all of this that you gave me.

In the past five years I have met so many good-hearted and too many entertaining people that made my years at Grambling go by with much ease. This is my long list of thank yous

I would like to thank Ms. Hunter, who was like one of my moms away from home. She made sure I was always well taken care of and that I was on top of my schooling. She was a lifesaver when I needed to store my room in her storage every year. I’m sad she had to leave, but I know I’m making her proud.

My college brother, John Preston, started me off at The Gramblinite and saw my potential in me to become a photographer. Outside of the paper, he and his family welcomed me with open arms to become one of their own. Thank you, Preston family, for all you’ve given me. 

My ace, Deliesa, has been with me since the start seen me through my highest and lowest times in college. 

My bro and roommate for four years, Justin “Too Large Fat Boy” Madden, even though I knew him before the college years, we had some crazy times that have made these years of madness great. I can really you are another brother to me. We know this isn’t the end of our times. We’re on our way home and it’s time to turn the summer out once again.

As I move on, my girl Ms. Dunn also known as “JD”. I’m gone miss you so much. From the funny jokes I play on you, to the slap you would send express mail upside the head, you kept me in good spirits while I was in The Gramblinite for my three-year employment. I’ll make sure I have a couple kids out of wedlock just for you.

Ms. Peters, I’m sure you didn’t think I had so much to say or I had this much humor. But I soon broke out and showed my true colors and I think I might have shocked you a little bit. Imani told me when Ms. Peters finds out who you are you guys will have a good time. You are really a cool advisor and I’m pleasured to work under you for these past three years.

Mrs. C. Cage and Dr. Ford-Dunn, Lord, oh my Lord. My years at Grambling have been completed. You two were all I needed to finish up my last years. Thank you for caring about me and my son Justin Madden. 

All of my Gramblinite family Erina you’re my dawg man. We have had some times that will last forever, man. I’m gone miss you for life make sure you don’t act funny after college. The little conversations and turn-ups made every minute with you life. I’ll tell you one thing, we are ending this great chapter to start another. Love you much kid. 

Candice, you are the thinnest thing I have ever met, besides Kat, but you kept this paper together while you were here and I think we all appreciate you for the work you put forward before leaving us for deployment. 

Kevin, you’re my boy man. Football trips and conferences to remember, you are really a character you stay being the life to a party. You have so much drive and ambition to become whatever you want.  Keep doing what you doing and have fun and learn while you’re in France this summer. 

Lacey, all I’m going to say is Bayou Classic. We’re going laugh at stupid stuff for the rest of our lives. I can’t wait until the days we reunite because it’s going to be a day in heaven. 

Evan, late nights working on these papers have brought me to understand who you are. I don’t think I need to say much else because we have a good understanding. 

Tierra, the baby of the paper, I’m really proud of you. After this semester you have been on the grind with 6 awards, which is very impressive for a writer in their second year. I hope you keep it up and drive had and fast toward a great future. I’m planning on seeing you name in a big paper once you graduate.

Through the years you guys have made my experience at the paper so fun and worth every hour in this 30 foot by- 50 -foot room. No one knows what we go through just to keep this paper going week by week. I’m happy to have been a part of every last staff member’s life that has been apart of The Gramblinite thank you all.

Dunbar Hall has given me the power to express myself through “Art From The G.U.T”, the student show, and my own show “F.U.T.S.” which had the Art Department and Media Relations in one of the biggest back and fourth conversations I have seen between administrators. 

Mr. Davis and Ms. McGee fought every day for students and myself that was only expressing his or her work. They have both along with the rest of the staff, Ms Slaughter and Mr Holsten, gave me the confidences to produce art that I never seen myself doing. Even though I picked another path I love the arts and will not stop producing works.

Lastly I would like to thank: All my bros, Aaron Carrington, Frank Carrington, Antwoine Lattier, Adrianne Walker, Al Keaton, Remy Smith-Lewis, Ed Lowe, Kevin Larry, Keith Flemming, Marcus Anderson, John “Lil John” Morris, Ashley Giles, Qunisha Neal, Mia Murry, Katrina Harris, Kim Monroe, Diana Sepulveda Qiyas Royalty-Smith, Imani Jackson, Auston Richards, Brittney Scales, Mia White, Demetria Spencer, Chelsea Brown,  Kayla Joe Mc Clellan, Dominique “Domo” Brown, Alexandria “Alex” Perry, Dalisha McClain, Kim Coleman, Shay Synigal, Amber Croft, Quantreus “Grambling Man” Hayes, Mr. Renee, Rusty “Coach P” Ponton, Dr. Godwin, Shakari Briggs, Brittney and Whitney Bickham, Ashley Johnson, Apriana Phelps, Sean Hiller, Bo Bridges, The Easy Reader, Rebecca and Hannah, Nicholas Hart, Alex Smalls, Mr. Williams, China Spikes, LaQuisha, Avery Ingram, DeJanee Mitchell, Savannah Cater,  Bria Biggs, The Marbys, The Berrys, and the many others that have helped me through these collegiate years.