Earl Lester Cole Honors College holds last series


The Earl Lester Cole Honors College ended its Spring 2013 lecture series with an evening packed with information and history on Monday.

The evening opened with Grambling State University Mathematics teacher, Dr. Carl Roberts entertaining the audience by relating Math to everyday life. Roberts kept the audience intrigued with his anecdotes and examples. 

 “When I relay math to everyday life my students stay awake and involved.”

The seminar continued with GSU’s Manager of Default Prevention, Gavin Hamms, a GSU alumnus. He informed students that they should always know who their loan servers are. Hamms pointed out that students who know their loan servers are better able to communicate and negotiate payment options to avoid default, which can affect their credit. 

He also reminded students that there are several avenues they can use to avoid excessive student loans. One such avenue is the Student Loan Forgiveness program. Under this program, teachers in certain low-income areas, as well as certain public servants may qualify for loan forgiveness on their student loans.

Hamms encouraged students to visit his office at Financial Aid for assistance with any questions they may have regarding student loans. As he closed he reminded students that “we must win the fight against student loans.”

Hamms’ presentation was followed by Major Christian T. Griffiths, Assistant Professor of Military Science for GSU, Louisiana Tech and University of Louisiana at Monroe. Major Griffiths spoke on the ins and outs of the ROTC program. 

He especially highlighted the benefits of joining the ROTC. In addition to being trained in leadership and decision making skills, benefits include a full tuition scholarship, a book scholarship of $1200 per year, and a monthly stipend of $300 to $500. Griffiths also pointed out the many career opportunities that become available to persons with the ROTC background.

Griffiths’ informative presentation was followed by Dr. Larry Pannell, Band Director and Head of the Music Department. Dr. Pannell wowed the audience as he passionately recalled the history and accomplishments of GSU’s World Famed Tiger Marching Band. In a most energetic manner, Pannell gave the audience a look at the band’s background-from how the band was started in 1926 to its performances in several Super Bowls, its trips to Japan and Africa and of course its performance in four presidential inaugurations. 

Pannell spoke of the discipline that is instilled in the band members. He strongly believes that the band will one day produce a United States president because of the discipline and leadership skills instilled in the band members.  

The Student Government Association. Transportation Director Jasma Ferguson informed the audience of the operations of the shuttle. She answered questions from the audience regarding the shuttle service and encouraged persons to give feedback on how the shuttle service can be improved. 

Following Ferguson, Student Relations Director, Derrick Young Jr., spoke on some of the programs of the department, which was established in fall 2012 such as Talk to Me Thursdays to receive students’ input on the SGA and the university. 

Another program implemented is the Tiger Council, which encourages non-SGA students to volunteer for SGA functions.