Harvey, Brice take top post


Election Week ended with two Grambling State University students winning the titles to serve as the next Miss Grambling and the president elect of the Student Government Association. 

Jordan Harvey, a junior from Forsyth, Ga, was elected as SGA president with 581 votes and Ambra Brice won Miss Grambling for the 2013-2014 academic year. 

For Brice, the fact that she is the next Ms. Grambling “hasn’t kicked in yet.”  

“I haven’t really felt it yet because it’s not official because of coronation,” said Brice. “I’m roommates with Ms. Grambling and she’s still here so I feel like she’s still Ms. Grambling.”

Brice, a native of Gibsland, La, is also the current Ms. Covergirl and a former Ms. Sophomore. She credits these experiences in helping her prepare to become Ms. Grambling.

“With Ms. Covergirl I had to plan events on my own so I think I learned a lot from that,” she said.

The 21-year old marketing major is focused on increasing Grambling’s retention rate by informing surrounding communities about GSU, holding seminars and mentoring the incoming freshman females.

“My platform is retention so I want to visit local schools; preschools, middle schools, high schools and just tell them what Grambling is and the importance of education,” said Brice. “We have an ambassadors program, but they don’t target the local schools. I think we really need to target the local children.”

According to the elections results, a total of 1,148 students voted for a SGA president. Harvey won the president position with 581 votes. A total of 1,184 students casted a ballot for Ms. Grambling. Brice won the competition with 520 votes compared to the rest of the candidates.

For Harvey, the next SGA president, the low voter turnout is frustrating and he realizes that he has a lot of work to do.

“There’s a lot of work to be done such as restoring the campus, increasing student awareness and rebuilding the bridge between students and the administration,” he said.

However, the Georgia native is excited and enthused to be the next SGA president. He wants to “host events on the quad, bring students out to come out and support, establish fellowship opportunities and career development opportunities.”