GSU’s Spitta is an artist on the rise

Kelwin Burke Jr., also known as Spitta, has hit the streets again with a snippet of his latest mixtape, Arrived in New Orleans.

In anticipation to his latest project, Spitta has released only two tracks, “Made it” and “Light switch,” which he will perform as the opening act for Grambling State University’s Tiger Fest 2k13 concert.

On Arrived in New Orleans, Spitta lyrically describes life in from his perspective. The 22-year-old senior kinesiology major from New Orleans, has done four other projects and has been featured on several tapes, including Kill the Throne, with Murf, Louisiana Tech student, in the spring of 2010. I sat down with Spitta to get an inside scoop on his latest work.

What do you want people to get out your new mixtape, Arrived in New Orleans?

In this mixtape you are in New Orleans. I told you how it was going to be on my last mixtape Last Flight to New Orleans. You with me though, so you’re good, but anything can happen. You might have to be strapped listening to this mixtape.

How did you decide which singles to release?

I wanted to put out a song that can possibly hit the radio, not too much cursing. With “Light switch,” I’m still letting people know my struggle; it’s just in a different way. Many people can relate to “Light Switch,” people can vibe and dance to it. “Made it” is hood anthem. I had to show some love to the hood and that’s why I made that song. I wanted to pay homage. 

What’s your motive on the May 1 release date?

I want to catch a buzz. I want people to hear it, the anticipation.

Describe the feeling of finally getting to display your talents on the main stage, in front of Grambling’s audience.

It’s a blessing man. Shout out to Ms. Casey Byrd. I want to thank her for giving me an opportunity for a dude from New Orleans to speak his mind. I want the people to feel me when I walk off the stage.

What are the rules and restrictions of what you get to do on stage?

I have five minutes and I can’t curse. I couldn’t have my live band like I wanted or my entourage. (Spitta laughs.) But it’s all good. I’m my own entourage.

Initially, football was the career you pursued here at Grambling. That didn’t work out in your favor, but you are making a name for yourself in music. Talk about how you were able to bounce back from a negative situation.

First of all, I love Grambling. My people went here. Grambling could put so much more people on because of the deep history here. I feel like we (Grambling) are content. Look at the people who came from here. NFL Hall-of-Famers to Erykah Badu. There’s more opportunity out here than football. If the students and the faculty worked together, we can produce more people like them.

  In your own words, tell the people why they should download your mixtape.

If the mixtape game was boxing, Arrived in New Orleans will be a heavy weight. This weight class is what the game has been missing. I’m here to supply that weight.