President’s portrait unveiled

Students and administrators crowded the Long-Jones Hall lobby last week for the unveiling of the 10th university president portrait. 

Joining the portrait of university founder Charles P. Adams and the other eight former presidents, current Grambling State University President Frank G. Pogue’s portrait has joined the lineup. 

Dr. Pogue’s portrait is the first addition to the gallery since the portraits were moved to the entrance of Long-Jones Hall.

Monica Bradley, assistant vice president of Human Resources, said the portraits were previously hung in the Judy H. Jackson Foyer and pointed out that this would be the first time for this type of ceremony here at GSU.

“Normally the president’s picture would be placed up once the president is done with his presidency and is gone, but Dr. Pogue did it different this time by putting his portrait up during his presidency,” said Bradley. “So this will indeed be the first time here at Grambling where it is done like this.”

The ceremony showcased some special guests as Dr. Pogue introduced his pastor, the Rev. Julius Sumler, to lead the group in prayer.

“I am honored to be here on this historic day for my church member Dr. Pogue in the unveiling of his portrait,” prayed Rev. Sumler. “I pray that he continue to do a great work and that God’s spirit will be on every decision he makes.” 

Dorothy Pogue did the honors of unveiling her husband’s portrait, but not before he gave a brief history lesson about those who served before him. 

Dr. Pogue made it clear in his closing that when he finishes his presidency at GSU, he wants to be remembered for not only making a difference in the university, but for making a difference in the lives of numerous people by being able to encourage and build them up.

“I often tell new presidents that the presidency is not a profession, but a position you occupy for some time then you leave,” said Dr. Pogue

“When I leave I want to be remembered as a person who cared not only for students but as a decent human being who enabled people and lifted them up. 

“When people walk past my picture, that’s what I want them to remember.”