FSUB hosts ‘A night with the arts’

The Favrot Student Union Board hosted “A night with the arts”. The evening displayed a varity of performing arts and styles such as; singing, miming, modeling etc. 

As students were walking in they had a chance to enjoy the paintings and visual affects by Grambling State University students. 

“I believe that we as students should be exposed to different types of arts,” said Deandre Campbell, junior. “I liked everything, I can’t really specify what I liked more the modeling or the singing.” 

The highlight of the evening was the amazing fashionable fashion show conducted by Gram’s very own students. The models were provided by Billionaire Actions INC. 

Billionaire Actions INC is a modeling company that 22 year-old junior business management major Jonathon Wilson started on his own here at Grambling. The young CEO had his models modeling his own “made my life” gear. 

The models were wearing Wilsons own made my life gear which included baseball tees, tanks, crewnecks, T-shirts, and female crop tops that had made my life printed on them.

“I feel like the show was amazing, it went even better than expected,” Wilson said. 

Throughout the night I observed many students impressed by the different students who displayed talents. Although some of the students enjoyed the show some did not. 

“I didn’t like the show, it just wasn’t enough variety,” said

Students who had a lot of negative things to say did not wish to be quoted. 

“I think the show went very well,” said Raven Leday, senior fashion show coordinator. 

“I also believe that students 

should be exposed to the arts just as much as anyone else; being that we are a Historical Black College University with less resources, we have to uplift and educate our students in the arts,”  she said.

At the end of the night students left the event with a new concept of the arts and a new look on the talent of their peers.