‘Check yo swag’ with the AKAs


“Check yo swag” was the first event hosted by the Alpha Theta Chapter during their AKA spirit week.

The event was held in the tiger express on Monday and it was for helping students understand how important it is to dress appropriate on our campus.

“We want students to dress more appropriate on campus because not only are they representing themselves but the university as well,” said Chapter  President Robyn Cole.

During the event members of the AKAs walked around the express passing out flyers and discussing with students how important it is to dress appropriately. 

Business formal consists of a suit jacket, shirt and pants or a skirt for women. Business casual consists of slacks, professional shirt and a jacket. Casual is any outfit you would wear to class or outside of your room. 

Students should not wear pajamas, night clothes and club attire to class or anywhere on campus unless the student is in their room. There were some last minute changes that took place right before the event was held.

“Check yo swag’ was originally supposed to be a fashion show with Black Dynasty but last minute changes were made therefore we held the event in the express,” said Cole.

Students felt this helped them further understand the differences between casual attire and formal attire.

“I truly benefitted from this event because now I completely understand the difference between business casual and business formal,” said sophomore nursing major Shantea Robinson. 

The crowd really enjoyed the event and it was a chance for their chapter to talk to the students on a more personal level than rather at a seminar. 

“We made the students more interactive by coming to the express and talk to them on a more personal level,” said Cole.