Battle of the Sexes


Miss Senior Carmen Reeves hosted ‘Battle of the Sexes’: King vs Queens part two on Monday, and it allowed her to get a better understanding of how people mentally analyze, and perceive the opposite sex. 

“I wanted to hear out some of the opinions of the students hear at Grambling State University.” Said Reeves, who is graduating this semester. 

The students were divided as they walked in the theatre of the Student Union. Queens sat on the right, kings sat on the left. 

Throughout the night,  there were plenty of tips for students who were curious about different questions men and women struggle with every day. Some of the questions that were asked were; who are easier men or women? If ladies make more than a man, would you feel like you are taking care of a man? Ladies, are you supposed to approach the guy? Does a successful woman intimidate a man? Who has the power?

 “I believe that males and females can agree to disagree. We will never understand the opposite sex, no matter how many questions we ask each other,” Reeves said. 

Many of these questions had entertaining remarks by both the kings and queens. The answers still had true meaning to the students. 

One of the mainly discussed questions of the night were; why men don’t like to express their soft side. Some of the kings responded by saying that they are afraid of being soft. 

Jordan Harvey, Junior Computer Information Systems major, had plenty to say during and after the event. 

“I love women. Women run the world. Y’all (women) can have whatever you want. Don’t be basic,” Harvey says. 

His comments and a few others made the students that did attend, feel more comfortable about honest with opposite sex.

“I had fun.” says Donesia Williams, freshman sports management major. “People really gave honest answers and opinions on how they really felt.”

 Christopher Shaw, a freshman majoring in mass communications said eventhough this was his first time coming to an open discussion about the opposite sex, he had a good time. 

“I enjoyed the battle of the sexes because it provided a lot of insight and perspectives from a man and a woman’s point of view. 

Part One of Battle of the Sexes: Kings vs Queens, was last semester. All in all, girls run the world!