Enrollment, retention numbers remain steady


As we begin the spring semester at Grambling State University students notice the emptiness the university now has, since the December 2012 graduation.

“The spring enrollment is always lower than the fall semester, and this is due to December graduation and the fact that most students don’t start their education in the spring semester,” said Dr. Connie Walton, provost and vice president of academic affairs.

Enrollment for the spring semester is 4,847, which is down from the fall semesters enrollment of 5,277. Graduating 500 students in the fall, the university lost numbers, but was glad to have a retention rate still in good standing. 

Starting the spring semester the university had 67 new freshman and 157 new graduate students to enroll into the graduate program. Also adding to the numbers is the 123 new transfer students that enrolled into the university. With these new numbers and additions the institutions funding increases.

Compared to previous years Grambling State University’s enrollment has gone up from fall of 2011, some students based the rise in enrollment to the provisions that have been made throughout the university whether it is the activities the campus has to offer, including free concerts, DJs, etc from the improvements of campus life, for example rebuilding of dorms, the student union and even down to the change of the names of the dormitories. 

“I believe the enrollment has gone up since the university has become little by little more organized and SGA has thought of new ideas to appeal to the students,” said Jani Jones, junior kinesiology major. 

Also another addition that made the enrollment favorable for the 2012-2013 year is the opening of the West Campus Annex, which provided housing for those who in previous years had problems with housing and housing assignments. 

But as the student enrollment increases so does the graduation rate, being that the retention rate is what most institutions are interested in keeping up, the university makes it their business to conduct programs and ensure that departments are making sure they are on the same page as the curriculums presented for each department. Which makes the accreditation visits run smoothly. 

Walton says that the university admits students based on university admission requirements and tries to admit all students who meet those standards.