Valentine’s Day “tips” for the males

It’s that time of the year again that every woman loves and every man loathes. Yes, it is mid- February; therefore it’s Valentines Day. So here are some tips to make her Valentines Day pleasant and enjoyable.

Breakfast in Bed – Can you cook? If so, surprise that special woman in your life with a full course meal. Not McDonalds, fast food, or even Waffle House. Wake up bright and early on that Thursday morning and cook the best breakfast of your life…for her. She deserves it, right?

Step Outside the Box. If you are the type to buy your lady extravagant things often, purchase something subtle, yet powerful. Consider purchasing a card that is blank on the inside and write your feelings in only a way you can convey.  Avoid the local Wal-Mart and select the first thing you see simply because it’s convenient. Believe me, it’s a strong possibility your lady has shopped in that same Wal-Mart and thought, “He better not get me this gift.”

Chocolate works. Women love Chocolate. I dare you to think outside the box when it comes to chocolate. Candy is easily accessible, therefore the more personalized it is, the happier your lady will be. Although reports of chocolate being an aphrodisiac have never been confirmed, my advice to you is… find out. 

Women appreciate the little things. Make your lady feel special by any means necessary. Open the car door if you don’t usually open it. Take out the trash and wash the dishes. Send random text messages that express how much you appreciate her.

End the Night on a High note.  End the night with something special that she will be unable to forget.

If you heed this advice, you should have a memorable Valentines Day that your lady would never be able to forget.

David L. Lankster is a senior mass communication major from Compton.