Bills may cause an increase in fees


Inside the Favrot Student Union building the Student Government Association presented students with four bills during their bill signing Tuesday evening before they present them to the University of Louisiana System Feb. 26. 

The bills were made to create a Student Athletic Assessed Fee of $100, Student Recycling Assessed Fee of $1, Student Library Assessed Fee of $150 and increasing the Student Theatre Assessed Fee from $1 to $5. 

Students who are enrolled as a full-time student at Grambling State University will have to pay the proposed bill each semester, but only half of the amount during the summer sessions. The bills were voted on and approved by the SGA Senate, now they must go through the ULS board for approval and then the student body will decide whether or not they want to increase the amount paid in student fees during the spring SGA elections. 

“I think all the bills are useful,” said Rev. Stavinoha Bradley Jr., 21, majoring in business management. “I do believe upon the passing of the bills.” 

Bradley also noted how students need to “play a key role” in monitoring the spending of the funds. According to SGA Vice President, Demi Spencer the organization wants the student body at GSU to have a voice in the future of the institution. 

“We are really trying hard to make sure that students get a say so,” said Spencer before the signing.

Though each bill presented will benefit to the growth of the institution and the education of students, some students are having second thoughts about the fees.

“Fees are outrageous,” said Germaine Patterson, who is pursuing his second undergraduate degree in political science. “First off there are fees that we are paying for that we don’t even use. Where is the pool at?”