Super Bowl XLVII

History has been made yet again. For the second time two brothers will coach against each other the Super Bowl.

 In the 2007, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith became the first brothers to face off in Super Bowl XLI, but thats only because they were African American, so of course they’re considered brothers.

But this Sunday, Jim and John Harbaugh will be the first biological brothers to coach against each other in a Super Bowl. 

They have triumphed tough opponents in their respective divisions as a result, they earned a spot in the big show.

This Sunday, what some are calling the “HarBowl”, both Jim and John will find out who the better brother is. Jim Harbaugh the coach of the 49ers lead his team to 2 consecutive playoffs in his first two seasons. 

In 2012, his record was 11-4-1, with the two most important wins over Green Bay (31-45) and the Falcons (28-24). John Harbaugh the coach of the Ravens, with a record of 10-6, had three of the biggest wins over Indianapolis (9-24), Denver (38-35), and finally New England (28-13) helping them to advance. 

There are key players on each team, both motivated and skillful coaches as well as players. 

The Ravens have Ray Lewis on defense who helps lead their team to victories, over tough opponent’s through sheer mental and physical toughness, as well as Joe Flacco a dynamic quarterback on the offensive side, complimented by Ray Rice.  

On the 49ers side they have Collin Kaepernick and Frank Gore, considered a powerhouse on offense. 

They are both fast, strong and determined players, making key plays to earn the win.  This will be a hard fought game, with big plays and tough decisions. 

Hopefully after the game, there will be no hard feelings, as brothers will always be brothers no matter the outcome. 

Kickoff starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA.