Contestants prepare for pageant

The Favrot Student Union Boards host their 45th annual interest meeting for the Calendar Girl scholarship pageant on Monday.

Interested Ladies were welcomed into the Black and Gold room where Casey Byrd, associate director of student activities and advisor to FSUB, discussed the requirements and details of the event. 

The pageant will take place on March 15 in the T.H. Auditorium. 

All of the girls will be judged on three elements; day wear, swim suit and evening wear. 

Ladies running for Miss Cover Girl have to go through more steps than other participants only running for Calendar Months. They must have a talent, partake in an interview by the judges the day before the pageant, and have a platform that details what they will like to do during their reign. 

“Make sure you start practicing your talent now,” said Ambra Brice, the 2012-2013 Miss Cover Girl. 

The winner of Miss Cover Girl will receive a stipend for of $1,200. The first runner up will receive $600 and second runner up will receive $400. Each calendar month winner will receive $200. Ladies will only receive stipends for the fall semester. 

Brice’s platform was to enhance the opportunity for service learning. In the fall semester her and calendar members volunteered during the fall festive at the Boys and Girls Club in Ruston. She also held a sister to sister talk in Freshman Village, a clothing drive on the yard, game night at the bowling alley and a seminar called Successful Stilettos.

She enlightens the new participants that she had a difficult time getting the word to other girls about her programs. Even with some trying moments, Brice still reflects “it was a good experience.” 

All participants will take part of the opening number that is choreographed by Terry Lilly, Director Recreation and Intramural Sports and the Cheerleading Coach. 

“Don’t miss any practice because if your serious about this, you want to be there,” said Brice. (major and hometown) semester 

The current calendar girls give the new girls important tips on being successful during the pageant. They tell girls to look at previous calendars for inspiration. They stress the important of preparation; don’t wait to the last minute. 

Brice has another upcoming week this semester projected for midterms week at the end of February.  They plan host a grocery and toiletry bingo night and give out scantrons and study tips to help students prepare for their test. 

“I will be going to my old preschool in Gibsland, Louisiana to volunteer and read books to kids,” said Brice.