SGA informs campus of upcoming changes


Students, senators, class representatives and other gathered in the Grambling’s Black and Gold room for the first general assembly body meeting this semester. 

“I am hoping to get an update about the plans for the semester,” stated Senior Class Senator Rainah Greene, a senior therapeutic recreation major from Richmond, California. 

 Student Government Association President Jonathan Allen, welcomed back everyone and gave a brief summary of what he and SGA aspires to accomplish this 2013 spring semester. 

While speaking about future projects, Allen wrote on a portable dry erase board, outlining four important policies that SGA will be taking on that will hopefully influence student life in the long-term.  

These four projects included a campaign pushing for the approval of a $150 fee assessment each semester that will go towards the building of a new library.  

The second project includes the Recycling Bill that will involve a $1 fee assessment each semester that will go towards the building and up keep of a recycling program. 

The University of Louisiana System must first pass both fee assessments on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at a meeting in Baton Rouge, before it even has the chance to be voted on by students in the upcoming election. 

The third point that Allen addressed was the Tobacco Free Campus initiative. 

The fourth key point was the pool renovation project that has already been underway as of 2010.  Ahead of the commencement of pool renovation, funding for this project has resulted in a $25 fee assessment each semester.  However, Allen and SGA would like to do more to keep students informed about the actual stages of the process. 

Allen opened the floor for questions. There were a few questions asked; however, the proposal for a $150 library fee sparked the most discussion.  

To keep the meeting moving along, representatives from each class gave a brief synopsis of past events and of events to come. 

“We (SGA) are not giving up on making the best impact we can, as SGA president I am taking time out to assess everything we have and have not done. Our focus this semester is to do everything we can to leave a legacy, make an impact and represent students to the best of our ability- at the end of the day we are for them,” said Allen.