I attended the inauguration and…


I honestly really didn’t take it serious until I got National Mall and saw all of the different nationalities coming together to celebrate the second term of an African American president.


Raven LaDay

Senior, Art 



It still hasn’t hit me yet that I performed for the president twice and it was very inspirational to our society and we didn’t realize it until after speaking to people from out of town and family members. People were congratulating us, cheering us on and wishing us good luck.


Kendall Jackson

Senior, business marketing

St. Louis



It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity, I can say that I achieved something that not everyone can say they did. I was able to do that because I am the Drum Major of the “World Famed Tiger Marching band, the only HBCU in the nation to perform at the presidential inauguration for the first black president.

Justin White

Senior, elementary education 

Merrillville, Indiana



I must say that my experience with the 2013 Inauguration of President Barack H. Obama  in one word would be  “Awe-Inspiring. Being able to be apart of history is what makes this experience marvelous. Traveling 22 Hours and walking a great distant was worth the moment that I experience while attending the inauguration. Being able to first-hand  in person see the president sworn in to all the festivities that took place that day will always be one memory I will never let go.

Kindrell Plains

Alumni , Developmental Education 




At first I felt as if we were on a never-ending journey because we walked for miles and miles, which eventually turned into hours, but I can’t complain because it was all for a good cause. Despite the freezing weather, the aching limbs, and being run over by other pedestrians; the overall experience was phenomenal. Nothing can compare to actually being able to witness history as opposed to hearing about it. I really enjoyed myself and I really appreciate GSU for allowing me to partake in this unforgettable historical experience.

D’Khosha Jackson

Senior, Mass Communication