A better you in the New Year

The New Year has finally arrived. If you are anything like me, you’ll be making a New Year’s resolution that you probably will not keep. You will tell yourself to stop smoking, drinking and for others, stop having sex. In some cases, the change won’t be as juristic and can be as little as to stop cursing. 

No matter whether you believe in resolutions or not, no year should be the same as the last. So if you are one of the few people that do not believe in a New Year’s resolution, let this be the first year you do.

Let this year be the “YOU” year. A year dedicated to everything that involves your enhancement. Take this time to focus on personal, mental, physical and spiritual growth. Personal growth has to do with letting go of all the negativities that have shaped your life. 

It is important to leave all those things in the past, by not allowing them to have control over your future. Mental health plays a major importance to a happy new year. Be mindful of your thoughts, for they can become your actions. Mental stability can be achieved by controlling what you take in. Surround yourself with positivity, read inspirational things, tell yourself that you are handsome/beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard to be alone, but if being alone brings you peace, then that is your best option. Believe it or not, physical growth is important as well.

 Not growing physically but growing to love your physical appearance. A short exercise before you wake up or go to sleep can have a major impact on one’s life. In fact many studies have shown people tend to be happier when they are satisfied with their appearance.  

If weight is not the issue, change your style up a little this year, even a new hair cut can change the way you feel about yourself. Last but most important is spiritual growth. This comes with finding peace within. 

It is not about how many hallelujahs you say in a day, but about loving you, and the power that created you. Spiritual growth can come from learning your surroundings, forgiving them, and most importantly forgiving yourself. 

This can be achieved by spending time alone to truly understand you, and God.



Lenore Jean-Baptsite is a senior mass communication major from Las Vegas.