Is Cassidy and Meek Mill beef over?


The dispute between Maybach Music Group (MMG) recording Meek Mill and former Full Surface recording artist Cassidy has seemingly ended. After nearly six months of Twitter talk and diss songs between the two Philadelphia natives, Meek Mill said he will not respond to Cassidy but instead focus more on his new mixtape Dreamchasers 3.

Cassidy told Glocawear on that unless Meek Mill takes a shot first, he is also done beefing. Cassidy said he will team up with local Philadelphia Pastor Jomo K. Johnson to work on his EP, which is for charity, and finish his life biography. Cassidy told Glocawear on theversed, “If he don’t answer back or say nothin’ else or influence me to keep goin’ at him, I’ma just do what I do.” 

Ironically, the pastor who Cassidy is working with previously scrutinized Meek Mill’s Amen track in 2012.  Confrontation between Meek and Cassidy stemmed nearly six months ago from Twitter when The Hustla retweeted a fan questioning collaborations between the two artists. 

“RT @illuminlester How come when @MeekMill got put on mmg he aint do nothing wit @CASSIDY_LARSINY? They my two favorite rappers,” Cassidy retweeted on July 12 according to Then in retaliation Meek jabbed back with a tweet. 

“@CASSIDY_LARSINY u on some clown sh** right now…..just say it 2 my face… I’m always home! #bitter.” The exchange of series tweets between the two, shots were fired. Cassidy released a song  “The Diary of a Hustla” that says Meek is living a fraudulent life style. Cassidy raps “Don’t believe this n*gga hustlin’, this n*gga bluffin’ / Look him in his eyes, the only time he cookin’ pies is in the kitchen oven.”

Meek continued with the Twitter talk. “@MeekMill That had 2 b a warm up! Lol,” Meek tweeted November 15. Cassidy then released another record “Me, Myself and iPhone,”

Meek then responded with “Repo” espousing Cassidy for not having as much street creditability as he claims and being unloyal to his camp. In his song “Repo” he mention Ar-Ab a friend of Cassidy’s and Meek said, “And your goons ain’t riding witcha, they all mad cause you ain’t never put no food up in AR abs my dog killed a body for ya, damn he didn’t eat from it.”Ar-Ab confirmed Meek’s lyrics in a Youtube interview with @RICKDANGE

Cassidy then released the last diss song of the beef “R.A.I.D”, a 10-minute diss record not only clearing his name but also speaking on the history he and Meek Mill has. Now, somewhere within this contention Meek called Cassidy out for a rap battle for 100k. Cassidy accepted, but Meek opt out. Why?  

Let’s be honest, does Meek really want to battle Cassidy? I think not.  It’s evident Cassidy crushes careers when it comes to rap battling as he did in Freeway. It is also evident that Meek makes good records, his album Dreams and Nightmares act as proof. But a battle rap between him and Cassidy for 100k isn’t a wise investment for the 25 year old. 

True, both rappers careers sparked from rap battling. But everybody who is a follower of the art of rap battling knows that Cassidy is presumably the best to ever do it. Even 

Meek admitted that he is yet to see Cassidy lose despite battling over 5,000 opponents.  Even Swizz Beatz, who Meek said Cassidy was mad at because he can’t get a beat from him, said he would put his money on Cassidy. 

“I even told him don’t feed into the negativity, stay focused.” Swizz continued, “I would put my money on Cass just because we got that history together and that’s what he does.” As far as the talk about who’s “street” or who’s “real” goes, these two guys used to hang out.

 There are old freestyle videos of Cassidy with Meek in the background so it’s pretty clear both of these guys have some familiarity with the streets of Philly, they just took different routes. Both of these guys’ careers started from battle rapping, so a battle would be good for hip-hop, but does Meek really want that?