BruceGlen, fashion duo


Dropping out of college because of financial issues, the fashion twins duo BruceGlen had no options to fall back on. But then they were offered a permanent job following a successful internship, and their lives dramatically changed.

The twins interned with the  House of Dereon Fashion Company, started by musical mogul Beyonce and fashion designer Tina Knowles. They soon realized that New York City was the place to make their dreams happen. 

“We realized how cool and challenging it would be to work with celebrities, but that came with impossible deadlines and no personal life,” said the twins in an e-mail interview. 

Even with the fast pace city life in New York, the glue that keeps these brothers in sync is their individual relationship with God. 

Learning from a father who was an artist by hobby, blue-collar worker by day, their passion later evolved into fashion. The passion for art would resonate within them and their interest in art allowed them to express their creative side.

After interning and attending fashion shows, they decided to venture out in the fashion realm by creating the brand BruceGlen and fashionable unisex slap bracelets. 

The bracelets idea was sparked after church one day when they saw a young girl wearing a cheap Halloween slap bracelets from a party store. That day their ideas joined together to not only create bracelets, but also create natural progression of clutches and iPad cases.  

These multitalented twins host open mic rooftop parties in their free time. With religion as a huge staple in their lives, they have the chance to meet an array of artists. 

“All of the members of our church are artists. We wanted to provide a cool, safe and uncompromising atmosphere for them to express themselves and show other artists who didn’t attend church that there is another way to party,” says Bruce.  

Instagram, a social media site that allows you to upload photos of your daily life, captures their vibrant personalities and adventures but also see where their creative inspiration stems from. “We are only shining the light that was given to us. We really just try to display and spread the love of Christ that was shown to us,” said the DC natives. 

With such a humble beginning transferring from DC to the world of fashion, nothing could prepare Bruce and Glen for the tragic loss of their mother earlier this year. One piece of advice that resonates in their spirit is a quote they carry with them daily.

“God has a plan to prosper me, to give me hope and a sure future and I am more than a conqueror. Honestly, the word of God keep us moving.”

This year at New York Fashion Week, the twins had the chance to go backstage with fashion designer Dennis Basso. “It was a lot of fun to be backstage, by the grace of God, we are living the life we always dreamed of. He took our wildest dreams and exceeded them.” 

New York fashion week is one of the most coveted events of the season. It was a great pleasure for them to see the garments up close and personal, a once in a lifetime experience for some.

Rejection is brutal in every field, but its no different in the fashion realm. “When one door closes another opens. Rejection won’t be our downfall,” says the twin duo. “We’ll be hopeful knowing that there is something better around the corner.” 

With their busy schedules, Bruce and Glen manages to find time for a web series called “Lunch Break” that airs on YouTube. The series shows their challenges and exciting encounters in their daily life. 

Their recent spread in Heed magazine sits on their coffee table and it’s comedic to see their guest pick it up and flip through it. 

With matching hair styles that slay and style that gives life, being a twin is a great gift and BruceGlen will be the first to express that. “It’s a partnership formed in the womb,” they said.

So expect total world takeover from BruceGlen in the future. These talented brothers are not only trendsetters, their becoming a lifestyle brand.